Is the continuous feed garbage disposal worth to buy?

Dealing with waste products from your kitchen may be very difficult especially when you have leftovers, bones and any other wastes that cannot pass through your pipes. With waste bucked filled with waste from your kitchen, it may make you have a very inconveniencing environment which can lead to some diseases.

But if you are determined to improve your life, then the continuous feed garbage disposal will be very helpful. It ensures nothing clogs in your pipes and the sinks always in order. If you may be doubting the effectiveness of this machine in your home, then let’s have a look at it in more details.

Features to look for when buying a continuous feed garbage disposal

It’s the combination of these features that really make continuous feed garbage disposal a worthy item to include in your home. There are so many companies that make them thus you can be sure you will always get one that meats your overall demands.

Motor power

The reason why we say that this waste disposer is very essential in your home is that they are made with different motor power. The motor power defines how first and efficiently the machine will shred the waste products. Continuous feed garbage disposal sizes include 1HP, HP, HP, and 1/3HP. Buying waste disposal with higher HP will improve its ability to grind the waste into smaller particles. This allows them to pass easily through your pipes without causing any clogging.

Grinding chamber

You can have a very durable Continuous feed garbage disposal depending on the material that has been used to make its gridding chamber. This will also enable it to work for a long time without stopping due to mechanical damages. There are several materials that have been used to make the chambers and grinding chamber. It’s advisable to choose from either plastic or stainless steel. This is because the garbage and water may lead to corrosion of the material if it’s not rust resistant. Other materials used in making the chambers could include galvanized steel and pot metal

Electrical wiring

When you buy a good garbage disposer, you will not have to struggle with the wiring system. Withy expires electrician, you will be able to choose the best that can be installed easily. In most cases, you will find them hard wired or used with a power cord. If it’s hard-wired, then it will be very simple to manage your connection when it comes to operating the machine. In the circumstances that you have a waste disposer with a power cord, then you need to check the length of the chord and the standard socket for plugging in and out your waste disposal machine. The advantage of continuous feed garbage disposal is that you can install an electric outlet box below your sink or on the countertop to allow you to switch it on and off whenever you want to use it.

Noise level

When you want to buy something that is worth for your home, then you should eliminate any machine that make a lot of noise when working. This means that you should be ready to spend on very effective garbage disposal that is insulated and do not make a lot of noise. There is those garbage disposal that may work well when they are still new, but as times goes by, they will wear out and begins to produce unbearable sound in your kitchen. This is why it’s very important to venture into good garbage disposal for they will never make a lot of noise even if they have worked for a long period of time.

Mounting System

The reason why you need to have continuous feed garbage disposal is that it gives the user the opportunity to select the type of mounting system. You may have a small space to below your sink or on the countertop and you are looking for the best place that will suit the machine. Do not worry, you can use 3-Bolt Mount or EZ Mount. They can be installed easily without having to spend a lot of your money. You should also note that each system will give you some advantages. For instance, EZ-mount can be very effective when you want a garbage disposal that can be easily cleaned.

Anti-Jam Technology

The only advantage you over when you have a continuous feed waste disposal is that it has a mechanism to prevent a jam. In most of the models of waste disposals, you will have to put up with the problem of the machine failing to dispose of off wasted products especially when you load it with bones, hard food or when it has too much food. The anti-jam features to consider include sensor circuitry and automatic reverse. These features will sense any problem with your motor and try to make adjustments whenever necessary.


Before you buy any item, you should first figure out the warranty long they are providing. This is because most of these machines normally tend to fail when we do not expect. The problems may be on the side of the manufacturer but for your warranty period have elapsed, you will have to carter for the repair cost. Try to search for different companies dealing with this waste disposal and identify which one has a long warranty period. This factor can also assure you that the company has confidence in the quality of the project they are selling to you.

Safety covers

This may be a minor feature to consider but you will really realize how important it is when you get for yourself waste disposal that contain this feature. Without knowing, you may have been using the machine uncovered and then something you that is important to you fall in the machine while it’s working. Fir sire you may regret the damages. But when you have safety covers, the machine will never start until the machine is fully covered. This is how safe it is to have a continuous feed garbage disposal


As you check on all those factors, you should also mark the difference between the costs of different garbage disposal from different companies. It can help you to save some money. When you perfectly conduct your research, you will get a high-end garbage disposal. With all those features highlighted above, you will discover that continuous feed garbage disposal is really worth to buy.